Videos or podcasts that pique my interest tend to get a second go during which I take notes. Used to keep these notes on my hard drive. Now that I have a blog… It made sense to put them here so I can access them wherever I am.

Please feel free to peruse them. Bear in mind though, that they are notes. Just raw, sometimes very raw, notes.

Oh, some pages listed below will ask you for a password. That’s because they contain notes on material that is not freely available (yet). Don’t write to me asking for the password. If you were privy to the original material, you will already have it.

If I knew how to do it, I would make this list show them with a padlock or something. Getting this done is low on my priorities and I’m open to help to sort it out. Would be nice if it that help would take into consideration that I am using the “List Pages Shortcode” plugin for this list.

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