All that exists are trade offs


Have you ever done the dishes by hand?

If not, picture this: stack of dirty plates, glasses, utensils, pots and pans; big bowl filled with hot water and dish washing liquid; running tap to rinse foam of; drainer to stack and a dish towel to dry cleaned stuff.

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Exercising for Happiness Week on Happy Melly

Taiko Drumming

Tomorrow will see the kick off of the “Exercising for Happiness” week at Happy Melly. I am very honored to have been asked to lead the discussion on this in “#happiness” channel of Happy Melly’s Slack team. (You need to be a member to access that one,

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Why do you always have to be the responsible one?

Sofie and Sam

When is the last time someone trod on your toes and you decided to let it go?

When is the last time someone really hurt your feelings, you desperately wanted to hit back, dreamed up all kinds of witty retorts to put them in their place,

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Building trust a skill?!

used car salesman
About a week ago, I happened upon this article by Randy Conley: Building Trust is a Skill and Here’s How to Learn It

The title just riled me up.

It felt manipulative, a trick learn-able by anyone needing to build trust.

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Name your sprints

Are you in a team following Scrum? Or any other method using iterations to do your work?

Are you naming them?

I don’t mean names such as “Sprint 1”, “Iteration 2016-25”. Those aren’t names. Not in my book, anyway. Those are meaningless collections of words and numbers.

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Stop using anemic daily stand-up questions

All tuckered out

Daily stand-up time. Yay?

When was the last time you jumped up and were raring to go when the reminder for your daily stand-up popped up?

Ya. I know. A long time ago. Quite probably it was only the first couple of stand-ups.

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I and they, or we

I They We
A short while ago I had a conversation with someone about my aspiration to become an agile coach. We talked about agile, about teams, about leading and leadership. We also dug into a couple of concrete examples of what I’d done to help the team I was in improve.

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Perils of Copy-Paste Programming

Double oops

Interestingly, my change “solved” the perceived bias in the shuffling code, but it actually introduced real bias in an otherwise correct implementation of the Knuth-Fisher-Yates shuffle algorithm.

This was pointed out to me yesterday (11 March 2017) in the comments on the answer I copy-pasted by Steve Marx.

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Emotional intelligence pays

Soft skills are getting recognized more and more as being important in the workplace.

Rainer Starck’s TED talk predicts a crisis with regard to the workforce around 2030. It’s an interesting listen. If you don’t want to listen to the full talk, head over to Boston Consulting Guru Explains How To Prepare For The Workforce Crisis That Is Coming In 2030 for a summary on Business Insider.

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Head scratching with a TargetParameterCountException

Ever introduced an extra parameter on a method, tracked all its usages and made the compiler happy by providing a corresponding extra argument in all the calls of that method?

Sure you have. Either that or removed a parameter from a method.

You just change the signature of the method,

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