New career in Agile coaching

After 30+ years in software development, I have finally worked out what I want to be when I grow up. Putting me at the dawn of a new career. As an Agile Coach.

I belief that the “old” way of organizing software development has well and truly been proven ineffective for all but a few particular scenarios of software development.

At the same time, I hear about many teams and individuals at the “following the master” level: following a framework like SCRUM, Lean or Kan-ban. Doing what the framework prescribes. Almost without question. That level of agile has benefits. Tremendous benefits, actually, when you are coming from that “old” way of management.

So much more can be achieved, though. With so much more fun for everybody involved.

I want to help teams (agile or not) and individuals go to the next levels. By helping them experiment and play with the processes and rituals of their chosen framework. To learn and to adapt and to create their own brand of agile. A brand of agile that works even better for them considering their individual preferences and and particular environment. One that helps them achieve higher performance and have more fun doing so.

To grow my experience as a coach while I am preparing to jump into this field altogether, I am looking for coaching and mentoring opportunities.

  • Are you a lone developer that could do with a sparring partner?
  • Are you in a team that would benefit from a facilitator (with no vested interest in the outcome) during their retrospectives?
  • Are you starting your career in software development and would you like some help with the big picture? Or with specific practices? With trade offs? Design Patterns?

If so, shoot me an email and we’ll see what we can work out.

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