Audience selection

It’s not forever.
One choice to research.
Research will tell you if it is the right choice.
If it isn’t go back and try again with very little lost.

3 rules

  • Must hang out online together.
    When you feel they don’t, research, they may hang out in places you don’t know about, or they may be “hidden” in larger audiences/forums.
    Demographics (moms, republicans) are not a professional audience.
  • Must buy on value.
  • You must already belong to the audience or already serve them.
    Don’t throw away your built-in advantage

3 tiers

  • Existing = Peers (At your level. Fill me in on this specific stuff. Show me how to do / Help me with this one thing?)
  • Aspiring = Newbies (Where do I start? How?)
  • Hiring = Clients (Would but can’t hire you.)

Being an expert is a very relative thing. You’re more expert than someone else if they have a question that you can answer. There are always people ahead of you and people behind you.

Products for newbies are more work than products for peers because you have to bootstrap them into the skills / knowledge that your peers already have.

Products for clients is sort of replacing yourself or at least part of yourself. Not unwise, even a good idea. You can sell only sell yourself for a limited number of hours. You can sell products regardless of your availability. And you serve more people. Not everybody can afford your consulting services, but are able and willing to pay for a product that teaches them how to do it themselves, or does some of it for them.

Products for clients is also good for moving from consulting to products, or if you want to continue consulting it will get you clients who have already used your products.

Your goal is not to pick the winner.

Your goal is to pick one and to find out if it is the winner.

And if it is not, then you can start over. You won’t have lost much, just a few hours of research, and you will have gained a lot: you will know for a fact rather than a guess.

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