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Building trust a skill?!

used car salesman
About a week ago, I happened upon this article by Randy Conley: Building Trust is a Skill and Here’s How to Learn It

The title just riled me up.

It felt manipulative, a trick learn-able by anyone needing to build trust.

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I and they, or we

I They We
A short while ago I had a conversation with someone about my aspiration to become an agile coach. We talked about agile, about teams, about leading and leadership. We also dug into a couple of concrete examples of what I’d done to help the team I was in improve.

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New career

After 30+ years in software development, I have finally worked out what I want to be when I grow up. Putting me at the dawn of a new career. As an Agile Coach.

I belief that Agile is much more than following a framework. And I belief that a lot of creativity and innovation power is wasted.

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What Taiko drumming taught me about coaching

When I found Taiko drumming, I was well and truly hooked. Completely. Utterly. Immediately. No question about it. Loved it to bits. Wanted to do nothing but Taiko drumming any more.

When I started, the Yamato Taiko School had only been open in the Netherlands for about 8 months and classes were still limited in number.

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