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Building trust a skill?!

used car salesman
About a week ago, I happened upon this article by Randy Conley: Building Trust is a Skill and Here’s How to Learn It

The title just riled me up.

It felt manipulative, a trick learn-able by anyone needing to build trust.

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Trust is not all or nothing

Have you ever been asked whether you trust the people you work with? Your peers? The people that work under your guidance or direction? The people that guide or direct you?

What was your answer?

My bet is that even if you silently thought “no”, you probably answered “yes”.

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“Trust has to be earned” is counterproductive

Last Friday I was at an open space agile conference. Surrounded by Agile Coaches. People doing what I am learning about and practicing for. People responsible for helping agile teams improve.

To help anyone improve means getting them to open up. Not just about anything. About their failures.

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