Suddenly we have lift off

Right. I like a challenge. This ASP.NET on Linux quest had me stumped though. And that was getting on my nerves. I had been following all the instructions and shaving a few Yaks on the go and yet it still refused to work.

Which is nonsens of course.

I am not the only trying this. Others have gone before. And there have not been any outcries of the stuff not working at all. So it has to be Leonard or McCoy, or the installation so far.

Which means, that apart from calling in the help of a few good men like Hugo and Kit, I am looking at posing a question on the stackexchange network or one of the or linux / ubuntu forums.

Distilling down what I have done so far is going to take a lot of time though. So let’s first try to use my Google Fu to see whether I can bring up any results showing other people having the same kind of trouble I am having.

Typing in dnvm dnx linux brings up all the installation and running samples information I have already seen. But, second in those results, is an entry that catches my eye.

Search result

download but not make dnu or dnx executable

That sounds interesting.

It could explain the “already installed” and “not found” confusion. Sort of anyway. When you take “not found” to (also) mean “I found it, but it isn’t marked executable”.

This search result leads to [Linux] Latest DNX packages are incompatible with older scripts #31. While the versions are different – I have 1.0.0-beta5 and the information talks about “from 1.0.0-beta6”, the page provides a solution and I decide to give it a go.

Leonard is fired up on McCoy and told to

dnvm update-self
. ~/.dnx/dnvm/

Update self

The first ensures that dnvm itself is updated. No explanation as to what the second does, but I guess it executes that “” script that takes care of adding folders to the Linux equivalent of a Windows’ search path.

Then I ask McCoy to upgrade dnx with the latest – unstable – version (-u flag).

dnvm upgrade -u

Beta7 installed

And hey ho, DNX is upgraded to 1.0.0-beta7. And without any “not found” complaints!

So I get all gung ho and giddy with excitement and tell McCoy to dnx. And …

Lift off

Yes! Lift off!

So all you boys and girls out there, be sure to update dnvm itself and executing before getting it to get new dnx versions. Just adding those two commands may save you a whole lot of headaches.

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