Yay! ASP.NET 5 Runs cross-platform

Yay! Finally!

Ever since I started dabbling in running my own web sites, I have been wanting to be able to develop in a familiar environment (Delphi, C#, Visual Basic, VBScript) without having to shell out for a dedicated web server. GoDaddy‘s shared Windows hosting has been good for that.

Recently I migrated my multi-domain Windows hosting account to Linux because running a couple of WordPress sites on a Windows server, while it can be done – I have for years -, it ain’t much fun. The sites regularly returned “503 service unavailable” responses because resources were not being released properly by one or more plugins. Easily fixed, you just need to recycle your site’s application pool, it finally got very, very old to do so.

Migrating to a multi-domain Linux hosting account left me somewhat stranded for my hobby projects. Could of course use the Azure credits that come with my Microsoft Partner Network Application Builder Action Pack subscription. Deployment is even integrated into Visual Studio, making it very easy to throw something together and test it out in the wild.

Still, I don’t much like automated stuff when I don’t understand what’s going on and what steps are involved if you had to do it manually. Call me crazy, but ever since I started in software development I generally want to understand and do something myself, manually, before using a tool. It satisfies my endless curiosity.

So, I’ll be delving into what it takes to benefit from the “Runs cross-platform on Windows, Mac and Linux” feature of ASP.NET 5.

The goal:

  • A simple bare bones ASP.NET 5 MVC site running on a shared Linux hosting account.
  • Cheat sheet for creating such a beast at any time in the future.

Should not be too hard. I just am not entirely sure the “shared” part is achievable. We’ll see how it pans out over the next couple of posts.

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