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A developer by trade, an eternal student by heart, I am now turning to teaching.

Or rather: I am now turning to sharing and hoping that someone might learn something from it so I can lay claim to being a teacher in the future.

On the one hand I intend to share what I have learned in almost three decades of software development. On the other hand I will be telling stories of entering fields that are largely unfamiliar to me.

Over the last couple of years I have grown more and more interested in designing software in a technology-agnostic way. It’s how I learned to program way back in the eighties: with flow charts and the design patterns of batch and online transaction processing of the time. I have found that thinking about a software implementation of a requirement without immediately getting down into the details of coding it helps a lot in getting clean solutions. That doesn’t mean a lot of design and design documents up-front. Heck no. I am as allergic to those as most. It can mean drawing informal diagrams with lines and boxes. If only because visualizing something helps understanding it and helps talking with your colleagues about it.

And then there are such things as the development process and designing User Interfaces that create a good User Experience.

I am, or rather have been and sometimes still are, active on three StackExchange sites: StackOverflowProgrammers and UX.


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