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Building trust a skill?!

used car salesman
About a week ago, I happened upon this article by Randy Conley: Building Trust is a Skill and Here’s How to Learn It

The title just riled me up.

It felt manipulative, a trick learn-able by anyone needing to build trust.

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Become a great team member

Sometime ago came across “7 Ways to Boost Your Ability as a Scrum Team Member”.

Caught my eye because, well, you know, I like “boost”, have been and are a Scrum Team Member, 7 is a nice number, and I love tips and tricks to improve my ability at anything.

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Ditch those retrospective action lists

Retrospective action list

You have just completed a sprint and are on your way to the retrospective. In a flash you remember you all agreed to do something about X. The mail from the Scrum Master with the retro’s action list, still sits in your inbox.

Sound familiar?

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