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Why does my panel display the wrong color?

You are working on your application and want to add some color to spruce it up a bit. Setting colors using Delphi’s Object Inspector is a breeze. That is, when you use the predefined colors from the color property’s drop-down list.

Object Inspector Color Drop-Down

Or when you use the color dialog that opens when you double click the Object Inspector’s edit for the color property.

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How to store enums without losing your coding freedom

Enums are nice!

You have found out about enumeration types and you clearly see the advantages they hold over plain, tired, old integers. They are specific, self documenting, type safe – you can’t pass one type of enum when another is expected. Oh yes, you love enums. And enum sets.

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How to make your forms behave consistently without repeating yourself

You are in the Delphi IDE and need to make a new form. It looks like another form you already have, but not quite. You could copy and tweak it. That’s the quick way to get the result you need. That’s the way most of your predecessors have gone about creating new forms.

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