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Exercising for Happiness Week on Happy Melly

Taiko Drumming

Tomorrow will see the kick off of the “Exercising for Happiness” week at Happy Melly. I am very honored to have been asked to lead the discussion on this in “#happiness” channel of Happy Melly’s Slack team. (You need to be a member to access that one,

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Why do you always have to be the responsible one?

Sofie and Sam

When is the last time someone trod on your toes and you decided to let it go?

When is the last time someone really hurt your feelings, you desperately wanted to hit back, dreamed up all kinds of witty retorts to put them in their place,

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Name your sprints

Are you in a team following Scrum? Or any other method using iterations to do your work?

Are you naming them?

I don’t mean names such as “Sprint 1”, “Iteration 2016-25”. Those aren’t names. Not in my book, anyway. Those are meaningless collections of words and numbers.

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Stop using anemic daily stand-up questions

All tuckered out

Daily stand-up time. Yay?

When was the last time you jumped up and were raring to go when the reminder for your daily stand-up popped up?

Ya. I know. A long time ago. Quite probably it was only the first couple of stand-ups.

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Emotional intelligence pays

Soft skills are getting recognized more and more as being important in the workplace.

Rainer Starck’s TED talk predicts a crisis with regard to the workforce around 2030. It’s an interesting listen. If you don’t want to listen to the full talk, head over to Boston Consulting Guru Explains How To Prepare For The Workforce Crisis That Is Coming In 2030 for a summary on Business Insider.

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Become a great team member

Sometime ago came across “7 Ways to Boost Your Ability as a Scrum Team Member”.

Caught my eye because, well, you know, I like “boost”, have been and are a Scrum Team Member, 7 is a nice number, and I love tips and tricks to improve my ability at anything.

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Ditch those retrospective action lists

Retrospective action list

You have just completed a sprint and are on your way to the retrospective. In a flash you remember you all agreed to do something about X. The mail from the Scrum Master with the retro’s action list, still sits in your inbox.

Sound familiar?

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Stop reporting to the scrum master

Reminder dialog

“Beep. Beep. Beep.” A reminder dialog raises its head in the bottom left corner of your screen. Daily Scrum in 5 minutes.

Your shoulders tense in weary anticipation. It all sounded so good when you all started on the journey to become more agile.

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Current Scrum Master training and certification lead to zombie teams


You see a lot of people getting disenchanted with agile. Because the transition hasn’t brought the benefits agile proponents promised. You also see a lot of moans about “management” that thinks they can bring in some change managers or agile coaches and “be agile” in two months.

There are plenty of articles on the web bemoaning the “Death of Agile”.

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Like it or not, humans are emotional beings, and yes that includes males

Being in software development means chances are you are male. Males supposedly are a lot less emotional then females. So, me being female, it stands to reason that I am more emotional than my colleagues?

Ha! Fat chance.

Well, okay, nowadays maybe. Helped along by the hormonal changes that come with my age.

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