New career in Agile coaching

With 30+ years in software development under my belt, having covered the whole range of roles from business analysis to testing and some project management, a dev engineer avant la lettre, so to speak, I am at the dawn of a new career. As an Agile Coach.

Are you looking for a starting Agile Coach or Scrum Master? Or for a Dev engineer avant la lettre with significant coaching training and willing to take on Scrum Master responsibilities?

Shoot me an email and we’ll see how we match up.

Background of career switch

Throughout my career, actually my whole life, I have busied myself with observing, analyzing and improving. Myself and others. I cannot not do it. It’s part of me. Finding nuance and taking another’s perspective are similar. Counteracting “them and us” thinking by requesting and growing understanding. I believe mutual understanding is the lubricant in every collaboration.

Last June, at GOTOAmsterdam2016, where I was honored to deliver a Lightning Talk about “Trust( )in(g) Teams”, was my first encounter with “real” Agile Coaches. “Real” because they focus on people and interactions, more than on processes and tools like many Scrum Masters do who lack coaching skills. Very understandable, by the way, when you realize that Scrum Master training (and certification) focuses entirely on teaching the processes.

Conversations with Agile Coaches like Dan North, Gitte Klitgaard, and Molly Dishman, made me realize that I have actually always taken the coaching responsibilities of Scrum Masters upon me. Regardless of whether that was or was not officially part of my responsibilities.

It felt like coming home. I finally accepted that I had thought of myself as a nerd for long enough and that I actually am a people’s person and coach in heart and soul.

It set in motion the transition I am currently in. I refocused my blog (Software on a String), finished coaching skills training and took a 2-day Management 3.0 workshop. Paid for both of these out of my own pocket.

Currently I am digging into what I can do and set up to keep honing my coaching skills. Together with my fellow coach students we are setting up a coaching circle: regular sessions where we coach each other and observers debrief the coach and coachee.

Moving forward, I’ll be looking at taking the exam to get my PSM I certification and taking a facilitation course in line with the IC Agile Coaching track.

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